Happy New Year

Saturday, January 2, 2016

I got to spend my new year with a teething Reuben who had a fever. I didn't get much sleep but on the bright side i was up through midnight, which hasn't happened in years on a new years eve lol

Ps. He's all better now :)

The Battle of the Toys

Friday, November 20, 2015

Last year i came up with what i thought was a genius idea for my daughters bedroom. I organized all they're toys into groups, used the $1 plastic 'shoe box' containers that Walmart sells, made labels and stored the toys on the top shelf of their closet, out of reach. The rule was: if their room was clean, they could pick two bins to play with. They had to clean up those bins before i would get anymore down. 

It wasn't like they wouldn't have toys either if no bins were down. They have s kitchen set stocked with food and baby high chair ect that stayed down. I thought this would be a good solution. I had seen something similar on different blogs and even some of their kids were younger then mine.  Mine were 4 & 5 at the time. 

This just didn't work! I was always struggling to have them pick things up. My 4yr would always manage to climb the closet and get every bin down and have it strung about the room before i caught her. Then it would be pretty much useless to get them to clean up such a mess. I would end up cleaning it with their help.

I ended up taking their dolls away for some time, telling them they would get it back if they followed the rules. Then i ended up taking away their barbies after awhile and then my final straw was that the 'toy closet' would stay locked until they cleaned their room. This would go off and on. 

Then my 4yr old then went through a stage of find paper, anywhere and bringing it into her room and ripping it up into tiny tiny pieces everywhere! I figured this was a form of acting out for attention or something.

I was reading all kinds of blogs on how to teach your kids to keep their room clean and also how to displain different personalities of different children. 

Thankfully i came across a video series on gentle displain or something like that. Anyways it worked great for my little girl! It has helped a lot. She is still a big challenge but being a parent is a challenge!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. The toy closet had been shut for quite awhile because they couldn't keep their room clean. There was toys in the living room and school room and they still had some in thier room but not the special toys that were in the closet.

Diffence was, in the mean time they were doing chores, learning to keep s routine up. My oldest got the job of doing all the work to take care of the animals ect. I finally helped them clean their room again. I went back over the rule of the toy closet. 

Thank goodness I didn't abandon the idea. I still felt like it was an awesome idea. 

This time they have to pick it up before meals and before they can go to bed. So far so good! It's been a week and a few times they dragged it out but so far they have done good. A big difference from a year ago. And I'm sure all their learning when it comes to chores and routines had been a big factor as well.

I also have been enjoying all the quiet playing in their room :)

Itchy - Life Is Tough For A Baby

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Poor guy was super whinny and fidgety today. He had a scratch on his forehead and i noticed him keep rubbing and trying to scratch his head. It's gotta be tough to be a baby and not be able to communicate what is the matter. 

Finally it dawned on mommy 'i bet his head itches?!'

So i went and got the lotion and his baby brush. I covered his head with lotion and then gently massaged the brush all over his head. He got all still while i was doing it and since then he's been all happy and coo's. Poor guy. At least mommy figured it out! Finally!

Growth Spurt

Monday, August 10, 2015

My eyes hurt.... Real bad....

I'm pretty sure he's going through a growth spurt. Normally Reuben sleeps all through the night. He might need his binky put back into mouth once or twice in the night but usually he does awesome. Last couple of nights he has needed to nurse severally times and has been super fussy. Last night i even had to sleep with him in order to keep him from crying in his sleep. I think he is also being bothered with teething too. Could be one or the other or both but poor guy is having a hard time!

I guess I'm use to sleeping (which is weird cause i never slept with my other kids) because getting hardly any sleep last night really did me in!

I also am stressed and on top of that i had a weird long dream last night lol. Maybr i will get a nap today? Kinda don't want to cause its the last fsy before hubby goes back to work and I hardly see him.

4 Kids Is Hard Work

Friday, June 26, 2015

I haven't came out and said it before but 4 kids is hard work. I feel this go around has hit me a lot harder then 3 kids. I've heard so many say that 3 was crazy and after that its a peice of cake. Well my midwife warned me that she thinks 4 is the crazy time. I would have to agree. 

It's like i wish I remembered how I did it before, how I survived? It feels like I'm in a constant zombie stage and can't get anything done. It seems much worse then with #3 but maybe i am just forgetting?

I'm trying really hard not to wish the tiny infant stage was over, because i do love the cuddles and everything and plus he is my last little baby that I will have but on the other hand i feel strapped to this chair with chains and deadbolts >_< which stresses me out :(

I know it will all level out. Soon Reuben will be bigger and it will be easier to set him down and for me to get up and get things done.... But frankly it feels like that will never come and when it does come, what emotional state will i be in? Lol

I keep telling myself i am lucky and i know i am. I know Reuben is a relatively easy baby and I'm blessed to have fairly well behaved older kids. I know i am blessed to have kids that will help me clean and actually enjoy it. That has helped so often!
So I shouldn't really complain, and i feel bad every time that i do. 


Pure Perfection

Thursday, May 28, 2015

One Expensive Penny!

So Sunday at bedtime Anabel announced that she just swallowed a penny!
We weren't sure what to do. I immediately emailed our doctor but then realized it was Sunday and they probably wouldn't get it. Then i looked up what to do online. One person mentioned that they called poison control when their kid swallowed a penny, so that is what we did. They told us that if it's causing her discomfort then we needed to take her into the ER to get an xray. Well it was bothering her.

Then I did get a reply from our doctors and they said the same thing. So Bob took her in. 

I stayed home and got the kids to bed.

Bob kept me updated via txts. It ended up that our hospital needed to transfer her to a different hospital to get the penny out. So she was transferred by ambulance and ended up staying over night there.

The next morning she got another xray and they determined she needed 'surgery' but don't freak out, they didn't cut on her! They had to put her under and then pull the penny out. From knock out to done was about 6 minutes long. It went really smooth. 

Grandma and grandpa came down and grandma watched Abby, Matthew and Reuben for me so grandpa and i could drive down to pick Anabel and Bob up. Reuben was great while i was gone. He even drank from a bottle (drank some breast milk that i had frozen). I was so relieved he did so good for me while i was gone!

The Arrival of #4

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Lazy Sunday

Sitting here on the Sunday trying to put the messy house of my head and just enjoy my little man. 

Is there anything better? Baby cuddles <3

41 Weeks Along

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Didn't wake up so peachy today. Had a very rough night. I felt very nauseous and dozed but had a lot of mild contractions. They weren't horrible but they were enough to wake me up all the time. That mixed with the nausea made for a crappy night and everything aches!

The morning has sucked but got a tad bit better. I took a shower, got dressed, did my hair and put make up on to make myself feel better. Not sure what is going on baby wise (other then feeling like crap) I've been having mild contractions and nausea but there is no telling until thing pick up. I am starting to have to fight the 'I'm done' feelings. I don't want to get to the anxious and depressed stage of being overdue. It is so not fun and I don't want to go there! But it's creeping in on me. I keep trying to counter act those thoughts with positive thoughts. So far so good but with me feeling extra crappy it's a little hard. :(